Social Media Update

We hope you all had a great end to the summer.  With less than 250 days until Summer 2017 begins, we are missing Taconic more than ever!  We want everyone to have the opportunity to stay connected to camp during the school year. We’ll be posting on Facebook, Instagram, and our website and encourage you and your camper to do the same. Importantly, we’ve moved our Facebook presence to a new location, so make sure to keep reading! Stay involved through the following channels:

  • On Facebook you can “Like” Camp Taconic or visit Make sure you turn on the notifications for our Page by clicking on the down arrow next to the “like” button from your computer, or clicking the “three horizontal dots” on the top right of the page through the Facebook mobile app. We will post from this page.
  • On Facebook you can join the Camp Taconic group or visit This group has over 1000 members from our Taconic family and is primarily used for you to post exciting camp related content.
  • Please understand that these 2 locations are the only way to follow Camp Taconic on Facebook as we have discontinued our original page.
  • On Instagram you can follow The_Camp_Taconic.
  • On our website in the “Tattler News” blog.

Throughout the school year we’ll be running a number of contests online, allowing your camper to showcase their knowledge and passion for camp. They can win prizes that we’ll give away at the November reunion, New Camper Get-together in the Spring, and up in the Berkshires next summer.

As a reminder, please encourage your campers to always use good judgment when posting on the Internet. Camp is a bully-free zone and we ask for your help extending that zone online.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.